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Hybrid Tool Solutions thrives in the oil and gas industry due to our company-wide drive toward innovation. Our mission is to help customers increase productivity, reduce operating costs, maximize profitability, and improve the safety of completion operations.

Hybrid Tool

Innovative Process

The Hybrid Tool is the solution for a safe and effective frac plug drill out procedure. Merging three components into one, the Hybrid Tool is the most advanced apparatus on the market. Two Hybrid Tools are deployed in sequence, and in a way that simplifies the typical drill out and tube up process. Significantly expediting operations, the tools are retrievable through our distinct ball-drop system. In addition to high speed, we achieve and maintain a higher safety standard, stemming from four competent pressure barriers.

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Hybrid Drop-Off Motor

The Hybrid Drop-Off Motor is yet another innovation derived from the Hybrid Tool Solutions philosophy. When used in conjunction with our Hybrid Tool and signature frac plug drill out procedure, our single trip drop-off motor system improves the safety of operations and decreases the time spent on drill outs by an average of 1.2 days, thus reducing overall costs.

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